Hey everybody!

I want to share some good news about us, with all of you.

Skylight Search Consultants is two years old!!

I’m so excited and honoured to have got this far, and we’re only going from strength to strength as each day, week, month and year flies by.

To think that it was only two years ago that it all humbly began with me building a flat pack desk in my spare room to house my ever faithful laptop; a place for it, and I to start creating a proposition that no other recruiter would dare to create.

Two years on, and we are a four employees-strong business made up of the most trusting, engaged and hard-working individuals I have ever come across. I’m so very proud of who we are, why we exist and the amazing work my team are continually producing.

To celebrate, I wanted to share with you some pictures of the team and the things we get up to, besides matching amazing candidates to awesome clients, of course!

Here’s my newbie, Loren Walmsley this week, after just after completing lovely candidate interview role plays with me. And she’s still smiling!

Here’s Sean BD’ing. He knows far more about Gift Cards than anyone else I’ve met, always social networking, forever breaking down walls and making in-roads I didn’t think were possible.

Loren taking notes during a 1:1 with Hayley Jayne. Again, she’s smiling, but this time laughing because I’m being so annoying with the camera.

Here’s the wonderful Hayley and Loren discussing a candidate’s credentials. Spot the cake. Well, it’s our birthday!

The 3 Musketeers!

Loren looking relieved because her 2nd week of intense training is over. Her knowledge journey of the incentives market has only just begun!

And glamorous me, never too high and mighty to be the cleaner!

At the end of the Employee Benefits Live event in October……with added alcohol 🙂

Hayley and I had to ‘cycle’ our way to a strawberry crush smoothie at the benefits live show.

Here I am with two industry icons after the IMA event. The magnificent Brian Dunne and Sean Wilkinson.

Hayley and Sean at a recent go-kart networking event.

This was Sean’s 1st day at skylight three months ago

I hope you enjoyed that look behind (and outside) our closed doors. I say closed, but they’re always open to you!

Happy Birthday to us!

Thanks to all of you for your support and we look forward to the next two years and beyond!

Hadie Perkas

Head Honcho and Cleaner