Who wants to see the wow factor? Everyone, that’s who. Of course they do.

When hiring, firms always want that entrepreneurial spirit, the one that matches the CEO several pay grades above. They want people who can fit right in, effortlessly without the need to spend money on implanting the values or the way they work. They want the best.

But what is that wow factor, how can it be measured?

Is it their prolific, snowballing achievements? Could it be their black book of contacts? Or perhaps their off the wall sense of humour? Maybe it’s their transparent success of changing processes for a big household name or brand? Possibly, it’s that they simplify things where no one else could. Is it their creativity that wins accolades? It could also be their innovative ideas that have made millions for one firm, or their genuine capability to stop you dead in your tracks as soon as they open their mouth…

It’s their WOW factor.

It’s a tough call. Experience is a chronological thing gained and honed throughout time, over years and careers. Whereas skills are a linear thing defined through a series of tick boxes. So, what’s your ‘wow’ factor?

Your ‘wow’ is your visible soul that people remember and make judgements upon. It’s intangible, but it’s very real even when from the hiring firm’s perspective. But it is unique to you. Let it shine.