Written by Sean Connolly – Business Development Manager at Skylight Search Consultants

Let me take a second to tell you about my boss.

The last couple of months I have had problem after problem with one tooth. After finally having root canal I thought this is finally the end, the pain is gone. How wrong was I? Last night it began, throbbing and stabbing pains in the gum above the tooth. That led to the most pain I have ever felt in my life and night of pure agony and next to no sleep.

My boss heard about this and the first thought was to get me in the dentist and get it fixed and to get me to give them a piece of my mind. She didn’t think about the effect of me being out of the office while at the dentist. She thought about making sure that I was better and not in pain. Unfortunately, most of you don’t know what it is like having a boss that puts their staff first. I know first hand the importance of having a boss like Hadie.

Yes, Christmas is upon us and we go out of our way to look after our staff well. But appreciating your staff isn’t all about the time of year, it’s about showing them how much you care all year; it is a thank you, it is treating them like a human being and the most important asset to your business. Because they are. Period.

Sean is lucky and has a boss that puts their staff first – Me.¬†Whereas 85% of the working population aren’t as lucky as Sean. So if you know that you could do more for your employees, stop procrastinating and just do it. The new year is approaching, and January through to March is the time of year when people really think about their career options……and you might find yourself in a bit of bother that you could have avoided just by showing them that they are an important asset to your business –¬†Hadie Perkas