Groupon bombard me with emails daily.  I almost have to admire their tenacity, as I haven’t bought from them since they started the voucher craze; roughly around the time people still had Myspace accounts. And I benefited from using them twice. Groupon that is, not Myspace.

Of course, I’ve unsubscribed from them numerous times, but there they are again, troubling my inbox about once every 6 months. I’m certainly showing them no loyalty, so why do they do that?

I wonder if being loyal is fashionable or is it simply the fear of being left out?  We are like robots. We’re machines that are accompanied by bytes and gigabytes of data about what we buy, how much we spend and where we spend what we spend.

We’re pre-programmed consumers given no time to make our own decisions anymore. Our free will has been compromised. Our minds have been made up for us before we know it, and they are branded. Apple is probably the biggest perpetrator of this, in my opinion.

Now, would I actually want a data company to draw a picture of my true consumer self? That’s way too scary. Could they actually do that? After all, my Groupon emails are ALWAYS geared towards my spending and shopping activities (even silly social events, fancy dress purchases and what my children might like). I haven’t touched them for 10 years and still they know.

I wonder a klaxon sounds and my face pops up on a large screen in the cloud somewhere, like in The Truman Show. And as they watch me in my pyjamas, credit card in hand, do the retailers all point, laugh and conclude unanimously that I am just “Another Boden & Amazon Fanatic” only to subsequently file me in the ‘ABAF Demographic’ folder on their giant desktop.

Is this a shopping Dystopian society, or is it Utopian? I’m not sure, but I daren’t buy a book to find out about the subjects now. Big Brother is watching after all, and he is rewarding us for being do darned predictable.