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Our talent search methodology is straightforward:
Listen – Advise – Place

Listen – We do this first.  We will expect our clients to give us access to the people in their business so we can draw a 360 degree picture of what and who makes it profitable and why because at the end of the day, that is what business is about.  Investigative bench marking is critical to the success of our search as is being inquisitive about how your business runs from inside out.  You need Grade A talent and committed candidates will ask questions about your processes, your systems, culture and leadership style and we need to be prepared to answer in depth to engage them  – at the same time as promoting your brand and vision as an exciting concept.  We work with you to create three critical questions that define each role and use these as the basis for our search methods.  We call this our ‘Skylabiity assessment’.  We can’t do any of this without a marriage between an investment of your time and our listening skills.                               

Advise – We encourage clear planning from the outset with our clients as this is the way we work best to find your ideal employee quickly and to keep them away from your competitors.  Agreeing on a timeline of dates is strongly advisable ( for meetings, culture assessment, internal interviewing, candidate interviews and start dates etc).  As part of the working relationship you will want to hear about how your competitors are winning over the best people in your industry or if your package and benefits are in line with the market so we will be consultative and honest about this.  To attract the ideal employee you will need to be open minded about changes to the job role, the work-life balance offering or the salary ( as examples) and we will continue to advise on this so you don’t lose valuable future employees whom you really want.  We will also advise on and encourage you to define your interview process, use different techniques and develop a strong employee on-boarding process.

Place – 95% of the time, the first candidate that our clients interview is offered employment which means we get it right first time.  Not many recruitment / search companies can be proud of this.  This means that only 5% of the time, our clients need to interview more than one candidate.  Yes, we realise that this isn’t believable but the data says it is true and it is all down to a lot of hard work that can often go on in to the evenings and weekends to catch the right people to talk to.   To encourage dubious new hiring firms to work with us, we promise to send a maximum of three profiles per job and no more.  We aim for a 85% match on the criteria and we are strict on this.  We know that the cost to hire is getting bigger for businesses so the initial hard work we put in to help retain your staff is a measure of our success ( and in the last 18 months 100% of our candidates placed are still in their job or have been promoted).

Service Levels – We are successful and get it right first time because we work very hard for our clients and are proud to work with all of you on each project on an exclusive basis only.  We do, however, realise that all organisations are different, as are their needs, motives, and expectations so offer three types of service levels.  Employers can choose from our Standard Search, Retained Search or Bespoke Consultancy.

Our Standard Search service offered is for hiring businesses who will accept our ‘exclusive’ rule and who have a requirement for roles with a salary of 35K to 50K.  The service includes actioning our Listen, Advise and Place values and also online advertising, ‘active & passive’ candidate assessment, short listing and the presentation of up to three verified candidates.

Skylight’s Retained Search is for hiring businesses who are prepared to pay an industry standard 33% retainer fee and who have a requirement for a higher paid and positioned opportunity that requires in depth searching activities.  The service includes actioning our Listen, Advise and Place values and provides talent mapping & identification, headhunting passive candidates only and our Skylability assessment.

Successful businesses are subject to constant change and growth, so your talent requirements are likely to be evolving and complex. Working with a strategic partner who is looking ahead with you enables them to proactively identify new talent.  Skylight Search plans for uncertainty and opportunity that will involve networking and continuous search.  This is our Bespoke Talent Search & Outsourcing service.

Read some of our client testimonials below and for an initial conversation and exploration of options, please contact us.


Hadie at Skylight Search is an exception to my normal rules. I have never been a big fan of recruitment agents. We have used big agencies in the past and always felt that the process was painting by numbers. Whilst, we would get some success, I am sure it was more luck than diligent assessment in putting candidates forward. With Skylight Search Consultants it has been a breath of fresh air; their experience and passion clearly shows. On the back of their hard work, we have appointed several senior Heads and Directors, which are notoriously difficult roles to fill. My faith in recruitment agents have been somewhat restored, albeit, I wouldn’t use anyone else for my recruitment needs. Easylife Group, London

Skylight Search provided us with a short list of potential managers for our new sales office. The candidates were very well briefed, knew our business and were excited about our new opportunity. They took time to understand our culture and the right fit which showed in the short list they provided. In today’s market I was delighted with the strength of all the candidates. The ground work, research and head hunting that Hadie and her team give us is excellent.

Huntress Group

I have used Skylight Search for finding Management Accountant staff for my company and have always found them to be professional and personable and they have understood my requirements and our companies and ensured that the candidates that they have found for us were always a good fit and the right calibre. Room 307 Ltd, London

We’re so pleased with the service, the calibre of candidates sourced and the way Hadie & the team made it work for our hectic diaries and days in the short time frame given. We’ll be looking to Skylight to help us with our future searches!

The Lending Stream

Well, the most important thing in my opinion is that Hadie at Skylight Search takes the time to fully understand how she adds value and what she can bring to the table.
For me time is precious, when working with recruiters it’s not just about the client briefing the agency and how big and far reaching is their network. In my many years of working with outside agencies, the key dynamic to overcome has been the same, I don’t just want CV’s, I want the Human element relevant to my culture with the skills or capabilities required to do the job.

We all know we spend more time at work these days than at home with our loved ones, so getting that fit right is really important. Hadie is great at understanding the key critical components and is systematically methodical in her approach and managing the task.

I would thoroughly recommend Hadie to assist in any high value / complex out of the ordinary recruitment task.

Neopost Ltd

Having utilised Hadie at Skylight Search Consultants, I can confirm that she and her staff were extremely professional and more importantly attentive to our needs when we needed a Bid Manager. Having understood our requirements of the individual we required for our job vacancy Hadie provided 5 first class candidates, all of which we could have employed. First class service Hadie. DSI Billings Ltd, London

We have worked closely with Hadie and Skylight for many years and I can honestly say they stand out as truly partnering with an organisation by understanding the culture and long term plans. This is particularly unique in such a transient market where suppliers come and go with regularity. The result being Skylight have delivered excellent candidates time and again in business critical positions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Skylight to any organisation looking to develop a strategic partnership with an outstanding recruitment business

CEO, Huntress

Can’t recommend highly enough, more than 5-star service! Nothing is too much trouble and every point of contact has been enjoyable. Looking forward to our future dealings.

Managing Director, Walkers Village & Country Homes

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Skylight Search Consultants are supporters of this initiative and believe that female representation at the top should be chosen from the potential of the women already in the workplace at lower grades. Therefore, taking into account relevant skills and experience that meet 85% of the criteria, 25% of our shortlisted candidates will be female.

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