Hadie Perkas

Managing Director

An experienced Recruitment Manager with mainstream agencies (since 1999), Hadie recognised that a new solution to hiring challenges was vital. She launched Skylight to offer a unique service that enables growing organisations a discrete route to attract the best talent, to help them achieve their business plans. A graduate in Psychology, Hadie’s candidate sourcing skills are so thorough that she could have been a forensic profiler in a former life! Hadie has a warm and honest, straightforward approach that enables her to ask the right questions and manage expectations.

Idol: Anne Frank – the epitome of pure courage.
Most overused saying: “Something will turn up”
Top tip for jobseekers: Explore every opportunity. Actually, can I have two? People make decisions based on their emotions, so inspire confidence in them and make them feel they are making the right decision in offering you the job.

Hayley-Jayne Menere

Talent Manager

Hayley sources our talent pool of candidates and brings recruitment experience since 2006, spanning a wide variety of roles and sectors. Candidates find her motivating, creative, and resourceful in her efforts. Equally, employers are impressed by her ability to listen, rise to a challenge, and identify strong talent matches intuitively. Fortunately, Hayley’s squeamishness dissuaded her from a career in midwifery (which was the job she wanted as a child!)  She finds immense reward in other successful “deliveries” of candidates to their new employers!

Idol: Joanna Lumley – because of her success (and not just because she loves cats!)
Most overused saying: “Marvellous”
Top tip for jobseekers: Preparation before an interview is vital. You have never heard anyone say that they did too much research.

Sean Connolly

Business Development Manager

Getting it right first time around is a bold pledge, and my job as Business Development Manager is to ensure I fully understand what our hiring clients are looking for so we are equipped to exceed their expectations. We aim to offer both recruiting companies and the candidates we meet the best possible service, and I will be seeking opportunities that demonstrate our ability to do just that.

Idol: Michael Jordan – Dropped from his high school basketball team and told he wasn’t good enough, but look at the astonishing titles he achieved despite that knock-back. He is known for being the best player that has ever lived – just goes to show how a positive attitude can change your future.
What would I have been in a former life? A show-stopping star, of course, in all the greats such as ‘Singing in the Rain’, ‘Calamity Jane’, ‘Al Jolson’… Whip Crack Away!
Top tip for employers: A-grade candidates are hard to find in such a competitive market. We’re here to make that easier, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Loren Walmsley

Team Resourcer

Loren is our Resourcer.  A law graduate, bringing skills of research and inquisitiveness to the table. She supports us as a team creating various candidate searches focusing on sourcing the right skills and experience that fit the brief. She is our first port of call for candidate attraction, recruitment compliance and is our database champion. Loren has a retail background so understands the importance of customer care and aiming to get things right without a hitch. Loren has settled in to the world of gift card recruitment when it was out of her reach, but then she said she would have wanted to be an astronaut and that would have taken her to destinations out of this world!

Idol: J.K. Rowling- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was rejected 12 times and J. K. Rowling was told “not to quit her day job.” Look at what she has achieved, an inspiration!
Most overused saying?: “That’s cool”
Top tip for jobseekers: Do not limit yourself to one opportunity, explore as many avenues as possible, you never know what it could lead you to!



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